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Designer will understand your lifestyle and need before they start designing an object or element in your house.

Let's the surrounding inspire you to design a home with style, personality and feel!

Cost of custom made furnitures in your house are very costly, so find your inspiration and understand all the design concept before you start the prosess.


Inspire by make up

" Frankly, an unfurnished house and a house without design and style, I feel like a lady without make up." designer comment.

Black and white clothes on hangers

Inspire by our wardrobe

"Embrace the idea of designing your own home in the same way you choose your day's wardrobe. Your clothing and accessories mirror your unique personality and style. Your home will become like your wardrobe, a unique, one-of-a-kind expression you. " designer share

Assorted Dessert Tray

Inspire by food

" For you, decorating may like a buffet and plate is never big enough! We got a do have -fence me in view of design there are too many beutiful things in the world and please limit yourself to a single style or a harmony mix of style." designer say

Please try to think your defination in design before you start to invest in design or decided to start the fist step in design.

If you still can't have a feel understand all the design element that we are share here, be free to CONTACT US for more knowledge and our design team will inspire you in a creative way!

Common mistake for understanding in design

" People often think that design is only about look of a room.they over cocern about the hard core object and funcion, example:

  • How big is my cabinet?

  • How expansive the material that i can have?

  • How many colour i can choose?

  • How much furniture i can built in my place?

  • How valuable for these items?

In fact, it is more to do with how a room feel. Is artistic element, propotion,colour pallete, own style, contrast, design concept, lighthing, ambience, mood, detail, soft touch like fabric, display, furnishing, storey behind, own charactor, own lifestyle.. that you need to pay full ettention while you start to design a space! .

Unfortunately they are not taking care by most of the people. Its time to think , you need a cool hard core house with variety of items but have no feel and no design value or a house with personal touch with style? Lets inspire together. CONTACT US

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