Colour Combination

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Be fun... be harmony in colour pallete.

Let's explore and celebrate the colour party together with us !

Let's cheer up our life with colour!

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Wall colour forms such a large part of a room scheme that it is worth knowing some of the tricks of the trade.

Here are a few tips that help you decide how to add the right amount of colour to any space in your home or working place.

  • Knowing your own style before choosing a correct colour palette

You will find that made good inroads into identifying your style preferences, you can start looking at colour ranges and will be naturally drawn to one or another.

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  • Consider lighthing

Any paint colour will seem significantly different in various lighthing condition.

Artificial and natural lighthing will affect how certain colours look (Such as brighter or more vibrant) at certain times of the day.

Take these factors into consideration before choosing a wall colour.

Paint Swatches
  • Do not use too many colour

Many of our clients will ask designer, "How many maximum of colour we can choose or you are able to provide to us?" While is come to the section of colour selection.

Having many colours can be pleasing to the eyes, but it can also RUIN A ROOM!

Instead, stick to only 3 colours . Using the 60-30-10 rule:

60% Primary

30% Complementary

10% Accent

You do not want to feel overwhelming or anxious when u enter the space.

You also do not want others comment your dream home look like a kindergarten! So... choose a correct colour palette that enhance your theme and style .

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