Secrets of a Stylish Home

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Finding your style

Finding your inspiration

Applying your style to everything

Why? and How?

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Why ?

-Whatever your project, finding, devoloping and understanding your own style is vital to the success of the interior design of your home or working space.

-Undertaking this process will give you the confidence to make a big, expensive decisions, such as which flooring to select, what kind of table top to choose for your kitchen or the best paint colour to match, as well as the tiny impulsive decisions, such as what light fitting should go where, the best cushion cover to have and which is the perfect furniture to match.


Find your inspiration...

  • write down what you like and dislike ;what you want and do not want for the overall look.

Individual Items Overall look

Do like Do want

Soft colour Family, homely, welcoming feel.

Warm flooring Casual, relaxed, retreat

Reading light Mix of white European classic and a hint of modern.

Soft comfortable huge sofa Simple and soothing

Classic furniture

Don't like Don't want

Red colour Formal

Cool flooring Country

Reflective surfaces Fusion

Complicated design Colourful

  • Doing reserch from magazines, books or idea of your design consultant.Basic steps as following:-

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  1. Reserch --selecting photo or imej that catch your eyes--print them out

  2. Mark--the items that you like or dislike from the photo--note down why you like or dislike them.

  3. Feel the photo--write down the feeling inspired you from the overall look from the imej.

  4. Putting all photo together --analysis -- and come out YOUR OWN STYLE

  • are still don't feel confidence to come out your own style , CONTACT US and show us all your reserch and our design team are willing to share with you more about this and guide you step by step to find your own style .You also can have more ideas to find out your own style from our showcase under THEME


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