Personal Touches Of Furnishing And Display

Vintage Dresser
Pulling it all together to the theme.

Putting your own stamp on a room is often a question of those small flourishes that only you can provide.

It's a very personal edge, and one that will tell the world this is your place and make you feel at home every time you walk in.

Wave your own story into everything around you.

  • How to achive all these as mentioned?

  • How to match and select the sofa, dining table, coffee table and the rest of furniture?

  • How to place a vase, photo frame, art pieces, rug or throw cushion in a correct location with the harmony effect with space?


Golden rules using scale:

In a large room, you need large-scale objects that fill the space and make it appear more intimate. The rules is buy the biggest that you can.

Loft Livingroom

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How about in small room?

The first common idea from most of you may be the answer is small room need small scale of object or furniture.

But in creative design of our view we introduce a few over-scaled objects in small space. The reasons is they will trick the eyes into believing the space is bigger than it is.

My advise is do not put all the same size or scale object together, mixture in large and small but not medium .

Please practice and explore the new philosophy and start apply in your concept while selecting your soft finishings or decorative elements. Try it ,feel it...You will have unexpected exictment in this new look! Wish to experience more exicting ideas for your home, please CONTACT US.

Colour and texture

Contrast is a key words when introducing colour and texture. Example:

  • Shaggy rug and the hard glass top table

  • Leather seats with chrome legs

  • Earthy tones sofa and black on the velvet cushion.

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Display-Positive and Negative Space

A furnished house need emthy space and sometimes need to filling up with decorative objects that give a twist to your room.

In design term, this is describe as positive and negative space:

Positive space---space that filled by object

Negative space--the space is around it .

Some time, we can have a shelve with nothing on it at all can be the perfect juxtaposition to one that is fairly full

Sometime can have paitings or photo framesthat slightly overlap stress the energy of positive and negative space.

Try and error to learnt slowly the tecnique will improved the design value and depth of your home.

One common mistake is don't display or decorate the house with objects.

In your mind may be thinking.. I don't want open shelve to display all the decorative objects, they are hard to clean!

I need to design all cabinet to cover all my collection, books plate and cup,art pieces, collection of antique.

My advise, please insert some display area like niches, open shelving, wall mount wall to show your own personality, own style. Displays are eye catching alternative to create your own focal point in your stylist home.

Another common mistake is over display or decorate the space

You can have everthing in your home you ever dreamed of, but if you don't take the time to display the objects within it with care and consideration, it will never look right. Too many variations in objects will create a jumble, confused effect.

You can shortlisted the object by using the method of positive and negative terms.

Match and Mix with your style .

Understand you personal style and select the objects that can blend in to your theme. You've never meet a style that didn't mix. You can strike a board with add a loud, accent colour in your furniture and decorative objects. Avoid colour trend, always choose from basic of the look, colour that you love and match or mix to your style in a harmony way.

If you have any question about future projects, feel free to CONTACT US.


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