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Design Consultant 

A HOME SHOULD DO MORE than provide shelter and creature comforts. It should also enhance your daily routine, brighten your spirits, stimulate your imagination, and ignite your passions. In short, the perfect home should reflect both who you are and who you want to become.


Designing a home like cultivating a life, should be embraced as a pleasurable work in progress- the process is usually full of surprises, and never happen overnight.


The best home need a professional design consultant to guide you and provide you all the step to achived your home with character and style.

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Inspiration And Decoration


"We love to collect special decor and product from different worlds and bring them together.

The common factors are simple proportion, with strong value ,sculptural forms"

Home For Life decoration team provide services with creative inspiration plan to add in more design decorations and products to enhance a stronger feel of a theme for your design .We will makeover your house with your own collections and our unique collection from world. Design is not  just a box with all carpentry fixture, but is a space fill with feeling and interesting story.

Make an appointment to view our products and understand how potential your house in term of design value and decorations 








Design Process

THIS IS THE SUMMARY of the services that we are provided to achived a home with depth and defination. 


8 Steps:

Understand your

lifestyle, needs, budget, personality, habit.


Intergrated Space with 

feel, design elements, needs, ergonomic, dimension, traffic flow.


Divided space with 

function, work load, habits.

Guide you to create your theme by

colour matching, design contrast, lighting.


Material Selection by

explaination of pro and con, effect, quality 

for each product that are related to your renovation.


Site measurement and fabrication ,

Tranform ideas, concept to actual form by functional furnitures and design elements .


Supervising the project -

Control operation team and ensure a smooth sequence of work.


Selection of

soft furnishing, fabric, wall covering and share with you knowledge of  basic home styling.


Our professional designer are willing to share with you more, in the process  to creates your dream home.  Read more...